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Arts & Crafts Club


It is a new term and a new season! This week we talked all about spring and thought about the changes spring brings. One thing that we discussed was our baby chicks from last spring, who have now grown up and are living at our school in their pen outside, laying eggs for us every day!
We then decided to make chick puppets to celebrate the arrival of spring and our chickens’ 1st birthday! We painted our hands in bright yellow paint to match how the chicks looked when they were born and printed it onto white paper. When it had dried, we used scissors to cut it out, yellow feathers to make it look “fluffy” and “cute”, googly eyes and orange paper to make their legs. When creating the legs, many children decided to fold the strips of paper backwards and forwards to make the legs “wobbly” to show how the chicks could not stand up when they were first born! We added a tiny nose and a stick at the bottom for us to hold, before testing the puppets out and looking at how much our own chickens have grown up and changed from the little yellow chicks they were this time last year!

ART CLUB 12th February 2018
Today in art club, we talked about St Valentines and Valentine’s Day. We talked about making people we love feel loved and special. We then made valentines cards using black card with a heart shape cut out of the front and many small cuttings of colourful paper. We stuck many of the small pieces of paper onto a bigger piece, which we then sellotaped inside our card to show through the heart cut out of the front. After that we used sparkly gel pens to write on the black card and wrote ‘I Love you to Pieces’ on the front and our own special message inside.

ART CLUB 5th February 2018
Today in art club, we talked all about Chinese New Year and looked at different pictures of celebrations. We spoke about the dragon that people dance underneath to make it look real and then had a go at using a red plastic cub, tissue paper, pompoms and googly eyes to make our own fire-breathing dragon. When we had made our dragons, some of us also made Chinese paper lanterns by folding, cutting and stapling the paper together. We used many different colours and pretended to hang them around our room to celebrate Chinese New Year.

ART CLUB 29th Jan 2018
Today in art club, we made our own t-shirts! To do this we used wax crayons and drew our own design onto sandpaper, we had to press very hard with the crayons to make sure we had plenty of wax on the sheet of sand paper. When we were happy with our designs, Miss Tanner ironed over the sand paper, which melted the wax and stained our design onto our t-shirts! We then all wore our t-shirts and had a mini fashion show to show them off.

ART CLUB 22nd Jan 2018
Today in art club, we experimented with different painting tools. We experimented with string painting in between 2 pieces of paper using all the colours of the rainbow. We moved the string around in a number of different ways to test the results. Once we had experimented with different methods, we did our finally painting and noticed how the pictures were symmetrical.

ART CLUB 15th Jan 2018
Today in art club, we all used watercolour paints and pens to design hexagons that we will then use to make a mosaic in our school entrance. We thought about patterns, complementary colours and eye-catching designs that we would like to have up in our school. When the hexagons were dry, we cut them up and laid them out on the floor to plan how it would look when we put it together.

ART CLUB 8th Jan 2018
Today we made our own toys! We used cardboard, string, paper and pens to create our own paper spinners. We designed our own patterns using all the colours of the rainbow in the shape of a circle, which we then cut out to stick onto the cardboard circles Miss Tanner gave us. When we had designed, cut out and stuck our circles onto the cardboard, we poked two holes through the middle to thread a loop of string through. After lots of practise, we had a competition to see who could keep their spinner going the longest!