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Year 6 - Oak Class


During school closure due to COVID-19 I will continue to post resources, challenges and activities for completion at home wherever possible.  

Please send in any work you would like to share via dojo or email.

Stay safe, have fun and I hope to see you all very soon. 

Miss Bugler

Presenting the Year 6 class of 2021!

 Adding and subtracting decimals.pdfDownload
 Adding and subtracting decimals1.pdfDownload
 African Countries Wordsearch.pdfDownload
 Always, sometimes, never probs.docxDownload
 Features of a non-chron report.pdfDownload
 Human and physical pics.docxDownload
 The Greatest Team Pobble365.docxDownload
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Ringo loves 'lockdown'! Check out what he has been up too!! (Being Spoilt!) He says he misses you all and can't wait to see you all back at school :)

Week 7 'Lockdown' Work (8th June)

Have a go at these Maths challenges!!

 Escape the Room - Clue Cards - Colour.pdfDownload
 Mystery of the space suit.pdfDownload
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Week 6 'Lockdown' Work (1st June)


Arithmetic CPG Book P38, 39 and 40

Geometry CPG Book P28-31

Below are 4 percentages worksheets. Have a go at these. Remember - find 10% first, then 5%, then finally 1%

 Percentage word problems.pdfDownload
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Grammar GPG Book P24-28

Punctuation CPG Book P20-24

Spelling CPG Book P16-20

Out of the Blocks Comprehension.

 Out of the blocks.docxDownload
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Design an Ancient Egyptian Mask

Week 5 'Lockdown' Work (18th May)


There are three activities for you to complete on My Maths. I will check these when you have completed them.

Please log into TT Rockstars and practice your times tables.

Complete these 2 mental maths tests: 


Maths Continued:

Arithmetic CPG Book P35, 36 and 37

Geometry GPG Book P24-27

Can you solve the mystery??? There was a murder at the cinema, but who did it? Follow the activity booklet to solve the mystery.



SPAG = Grammar CPG book P22-23

            Punctuation CPG Book P16-19

            Spelling CPG Book P13-15

Reading = Fiction CPG Book P26-31  - The Old Photograph


Writing: Imagine you are an archaeologist in Egypt! Write a diary entry over three days of being in Egypt.

Day one - Describe yourself travelling to Cairo to discover some pyramids. How are you feeling? What are you hoping to find?

Day two - You travel to the pyramids and discover Tutankhamun's tomb. Describe how you are carefully digging the site away. What do you find?

Day three - What do you do with what you find? What does each item represent. Explain that you are going to take them to a museum - describe that journey.

Topic: Create a fact file page on the Egyptian pharaohs. This can be done on computer or on paper. Who were they and why were they important to people?

Imagine you are a pharaoh. What kind of animal would you be linked to? Why?

Pharaohs has special clothing and symbols. What would you wear and carry to symbolise you?

Week 4 'Lockdown' Work


In your arithmetic CPG book, please complete P30 and P31.

In your Geometry, Measures and Statistics CPG book, complete P14, P15 and P16.

How many ways can you find to make 200??


SPAG = Spelling CPG Book P9, P10, P11 and P12

           = Grammar GPG Book P20 and P21

           = Punctuation CPG Book P12-P15

Can you complete the Ninja Revision sheet to practice your grammar.


Reading = Complete the two comprehensions on Animal Town and Egyptian Gods.

 SPAG Practice.docxDownload
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English Writing:

Look at the picture of the Egyptian Gods (above). Choose one and write a character profile about them. Describe what they look like, what they are wearing and what their personality traits might be.


Tis week, you are to create a fact file on the Egyptian Gods - this can be hand written or on the computer and then sketch some of the Gods, practice your sketching skills that we learnt in January.

Week 3 'Lockdown' Work


My Maths work has been set (2 worksheets). Please complete these online and I will check them for you.

In your arithmetic CPG books please complete P28 and P29.

In your Number, Ratio and Proportion CPG book, please complete P7+8 on Fractions, P9 on Percentages and P10 on Fractions, Decimals and Percentages.

Below are two puzzles and problems for you to solve!! These will really get your mind thinking!


CPG Grammar Book, P14+15 = Adverbs, P16-19 = Mixed Practice

CPG Spelling Book, P6-7 = Double consonants, P8 = The 'ay' sound

CPG Punctuation Books, P10+11 = Mixed Practice.



CPG Non-fiction Book, P36-41 = The Great Wall of China


This week, we are continuing to work on our topic of Egyptians, therefore, I would like you to create a fact file page on the Pyramids. What interesting information can you tell me about the pyramids? 

Then, I would like you to build a pyramid in or outside your house! This can be done using any material/s that you like. You do not have to make just one! You can make one out of socks, one out of cardboard, one out of pillows. Be inventive! Send me your photos via email or dojo. I look forward to seeing some modern day pyramids!

Week 2 'Lockdown' Work


My Maths work has been set (2 worksheets). Please complete this online and I will check it for you.

In your Arithmetic CPG book,complete P24-27.

Below are two worksheets on multiplication and division. Have a go at both of the worksheets. If you have forgotten how to complete long multiplication and division, have a look on google for some videos to show you the method.



SPAG = Grammar CPG Book P8 Determiners, P9-11 Verbs and P12-13 Adjectives

            Punctuation CPG Book P6-9 Sentences

            Spelling CPG Book P21

Comprehension = Below is a comprehension called 'Flying'. Have a go at answering the questions.

                          Poetry CPG Book P16. Complete the questions on 'Kite Flight'.



In Egypt, there is a famous river called the Nile. Years ago, the Egyptians used it for transport and crop growing.

On a piece of paper, draw the River Nile down the middle and around it write facts about the River Nile and how it was used during the Egyptian era. Talk about the use of transport, crop growing and the annual flood.

Week 1 'Lockdown' Work


My Maths work has been set (2 worksheets). Please complete this and I will check your work online.

Please log on to TT Rockstars and practice your times tables, particularly the inverses!

Below are two maths worksheets on adding and subtracting fractions. Try worksheet 1 first and then if you are feeling confident, progress onto worksheet 2. (Remember that you need to ensure that the denominator needs to be the same before you can add or subtract).



CPG Booster books - Spelling book P16-20  and SPAG book P14-20 if you have not done these.

Comprehension: Below are two comprehensions for you to complete. The Colour Thief and The Young Detective.

Writing: Extended Write - 'My Lockdown Life'

Over the week, I would like to work on a piece of writing that is a first person description of being in Lockdown at the age of 10/11. It needs to be emotive and descriptive. Don't forget to use expanded noun phrases, conjunctions, a range of sentence starters (including adverbial phrases) and a range of punctuation. I would love these to be emailed to myself or put on dojo as I know you will do some amazing writing and I would love to read it.

An example is:

Sitting here staring out of the window, a tear rolls down my face as I gaze into the distance - looking, hoping to see someone, but nothing, a sight of emptiness! This is the fourth week now that I have sat and wondered......wondered what my friends, my family, my peers are doing. My day is filled with sadness at the moment, sadness of what is happening to the world and what this is doing to me. Bursts of happiness, take strides in my day when I get to talk to my grandma and facetime my mum. These are the moments that I am living for each day, having conversations with people, smiling down the phone at my family and constantly reminding ourselves that this will all be over soon. Hourly, I hear the clock chime, reminding me of the slow time is passing. Every day, in delight, I step out into the fresh air, a relief from being 'trapped' inside the same four walls. Wind brushes across my pale cheeks, birds happily tweet above me and the scent of blossoming flowers all remind me of the outside world and give me a rush of happiness. Playing football on the grass, having a delicious picnic or going on a nature walk gives me the sense of freedom. I love this time. I have begun to treasure things in life - things I may not have treasured before; the use of technology to keep me communicated with family and friends, 'family time' playing games and learning to cook and most important, it's made me realise how important people are to me.

This is just a start. Tell me what you do each day and how it feels. Explain what you are looking forward too when we come out of Lockdown.

 Mystery of the Colour Thief - Comprehension.docxDownload
 The Young Detective - Comprehension.docxDownload
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Who were the Egyptians?

Our next topic is The Egyptians!

What I would like you to do is on a piece of A4 paper create a title page for a topic book on The Egyptians that we will be adding pages to each week. This can be on the computer or by hand. You need: A title, a picture/some pictures and your name - in hieroglyphics.


On purple mash, I have set you a 'to do' task. If you log on, this should be in your task section. If it is not, you need to click on the computing box and then on the River Rapids game. This is an activity where you need to be using coding and directions to direct the boat to the tomb. Enjoy!



 RWI Sound Chart.pngDownload
 SpellingWordList_Y5-6 (1).pdfDownload
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magical music

 Exploring Music - KS2 Home Learning Workbook.pdfDownload
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elsa and well-being

 10 Activities for Home.pdfDownload
 2020 Covid-19 time capsule sheets.pdfDownload
 Website Resources- KS2.docxDownload
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