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Year 5 - Hawthorn class


During school closure due to COVID-19 we will continue to post resources, challenges and activities for completion at home wherever possible.  

Please send in any work you would like to share via dojo or email.

Stay safe, have fun and we hope to see you all very soon. 

Mr Betterton and Mrs Inglis



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magical music

 Exploring Music - KS2 Home Learning Workbook.pdfDownload
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elsa and well-being

 10 Activities for Home.pdfDownload
 2020 Covid-19 time capsule sheets.pdfDownload
 Website Resources- KS2.docxDownload
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A short message to an amazing bunch of children.

 Hawthorn message.docxDownload
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The Summer Term!


Week Commencing 1st June, 2020

As of this week I will now add all activities for the week on a Monday.

You will see I have attached a document below. This sets out the the main lessons for the week along with a clickable link.  All of the lessons are online and do not require worksheets to be printed off.  All your child will need is pen, paper and somewhere relatively quiet to help them concentrate on the teaching. There will be seven one hour lessons each week which will be a varied mix of maths, English and foundation subjects such as history, geography and science. It would be helpful to support your child, at least for the first lesson, to help them navigate their way through each lesson page.

As I have said, each lesson is one hour long. I have carefully chosen the maths and English lessons as these build on concepts the children were introduced to in Year 4 or earlier in Year 5. The maths this week concentrates on converting units of measure and the English will develop their persuasive writing skills. In history , they will be studying British monarchs from 1066 onwards.    

I will still post other activities such as spellings, the weekly maths challenge and music below the weekly activity document.

As always, if you have any queries you can contact me through Dojo or the school office e-mail address.          

 WC 1.6.20.docxDownload
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Spellings and Handwriting

 Handwriting - Continuous Cursive.pdfDownload
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Here is this week's music lesson continuing with the these of Latin music..

 Latin Music (Year 5) - Week 4.pdfDownload
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Friday 22nd May, 2020

We have another member joining the 10 Club! Happy birthday Lucas! Let's give him three cheers!


Spellings and Handwriting

Here is this weeks handwriting and spelling activity. A reminder that as an extra challenge the children can find the meaning of each word and write it in their own sentence.    

 Handwriting Practice - Continuous Cursive.pdfDownload
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Maths - Arithmetic

Here are four more arithmetic tests. Just to remind you the answers are attached to each test. 

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Maths Challenge

This week's maths challenge is a two player game called Strike It Out. It does require some initial support but the children should get the hang of it quite quickly and possibly work out some winning tactics.



This week's reading activity is based on the fab book Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. Even better, the reading is by Stephen Fry.


Thursday 21st May, 2020


Here is an interactive activity and quiz to give children a better understanding of the seven continents:   



Three more fun activities that, believe it or not, are actually science rather than an excuse to make a mess in the kitchen ;-)    

 Density Cocktail.pdfDownload
 Ice Cream No Freezer.pdfDownload
 Lava Lamp.pdfDownload
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This week's maths challenge is a two player game called Strike It Out. It does require some initial support but the children should get the hang of it quite quickly and possibly work out some winning tactics.

Tuesday 19th May, 2020

The Toptastic Quiz Of Ultimate Awesomeness (sort of)

Years in the making (actually, 30 minutes in my office).

Internationally acclaimed (well, my friend in Canada said it's 'kinda alright').

 Back by popular demand (okay, so it's the first one).

It's the Year 5 Quiz!


No score keeping required, just have fun.   


The Toptastic Quiz of Ultimate Awesomeness Awesome Ultimate Answer Thingies...


Monday 18th May, 2020


This week's grammar focus is brackets. This link to BBC Bitesize has two videos to watch and three activities to complete.     



Please continue with the MyMaths activities I have set. I have sent alternative links to those of you who can not access MyMaths.

Next week, I will be adding links to BBC interactive lessons linked to White Rose. 

Don't forget that the children can keep their times tables skills up to speed with TT Rockstars.      



Continuing the theme of Ancient Egyptians, here is a link to two activities which help children understand what the Ancient Egyptians believed in:


Wednesday 13th May, 2020



Here is this weeks music activity continuing the theme of Latin music.

 Latin Music (Year 5) - Week 3.pdfDownload
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Maths Challenge


Here are two more maths challenges. This week we have Missing Multipliers which tests children's knowledge of factors an d multiples:


Magic Vs encourages children to think of strategies around odd and even numbers then prove them. I would recommend reading 'Teachers Resources' before supporting your child with this activity.  


Monday 11th May, 2020

As you can see, I am enjoying the summer weather this week.



It is important that the children keep their grammar knowledge topped up, so I will be posting links to English activities over the coming weeks. These are online lessons and a pencil or pen with paper will be required for the activities. First up is prepositions.      



Here is this week's reading activity based on Tell Me No Lies by Malorie Blackman. There is a transcript of the text read by Dianne Buswell underneath each video. Your child may need support with some of the activities.




It's great to see the children are working their way through the MyMaths tasks. Although there are no deadlines for the tasks to be completed, can you please ensure at least two are being completed each week. As it has been a while since the children covered some of the concepts, the practice session should be completed before each of the homework activities.      


Handwriting and Spelling

Here is the spelling and handwriting activity for this week. Just a reminder that a good activity is to challenge your child to look up the meaning of each word and use it on their own sentence.  

 Handwriting Practice - Continuous Cursive.pdfDownload
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Wednesday 6th May, 2020


Here is a link to the Youth Sport Trust with masses of P.E activities that can be done at home.  There are three main categories; P.E Home Learning; 60 Second Challenges and Active Learning. They all look great and I'll be giving some of those 60 second challenges a go in the garden later.



The Schools Arts Trust has kindly created music lesson resources ideal for home learning. Year 5 will be exploring the origins and influence of Latin music and these resources are ideal to get them started.   You can't beat a bit of salsa on the dance floor....... and on your tortilla chips (I can go on with rubbish jokes all day).  Anyway, the children will be surprised how much Latin music has influenced popular culture. The PDF documents are fully interactive and do not need to be printed off. I'll be adding more resources each week.   

 Latin Music (Year 5) - Week 1.pdfDownload
 Latin Music (Year 5) - Week 2.pdfDownload
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It had to be done!


Fatoumata has joined the 10 club! Happy birthday Fatoumata! Let's give her three cheers! 



For this week and next week I would like the children to write a story.  Once they have an idea and a plan, children are great story writers. Hawthorn class are particularly good at writing suspense or mystery stories. During the school year they have written two great suspense stories; one about being caught in an air raid during the Blitz, and the other was a murder mystery. With this in mind, I would like the children to write me another story. This time, I would like them to choose the subject of the story. I have attached quite a few resources to help them. These do not need to be printed off and can be used on screen if preferred.

Stories do need to be carefully planned from the basic story line, to the setting, to character profiles, so I have attached planing sheets to help with that. I have also attached ideas for a story together with checklists to ensure the suspense is maintained. In addition, I have attached word-banks that will help the children with the vocabulary they should be using when writing their story. 

They can write their story on paper or as a word document whichever suits your circumstances. I'm really looking forward to reading them.              

 Planning mountain.docDownload
 Senses Spidergram Frame.docDownload
 Story ideas.docxDownload
 Suspense Guide.docxDownload
 Suspense Vocabulary.docxDownload
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Maths Challenge!

The first one is based on the classic Countdown. The children select 6 cards and then have to reach the target number using addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. Try and encourage them to consider all four operations. Children will generally default to addition and subtraction, forgetting they can also use multiplication and division.


The second challenge is a treasure hunt. It's a great activity for children to reinforce their knowledge of using grids and co-ordinates. Remind your child that when inputting co-ordinates the first number is along the bottom (the X axis) and the second number is along the side (the Y axis) - we always use the phrase "along the corridor and up the stairs". Once your child has input their first co-ordinate, the game will give them a clue where the treasure is by showing them a number. This will tell them their next co-ordinate must be that number of places to the left or right on the X axis, or up and down on the Y axis. This will stop your child entering random co-ordinates and instead begin to show an understanding of how they work. You'll see what I mean if you have a go yourself.   



This week I would like the children to watch the BBC Bitesize videos on life in Ancient Egypt and complete the activities.  If possible, can you please photograph or scan images of their posters and send them to me. This can be done via Dojo or the school e-mail address.   


Friday 1st May, 2020


Just a reminder that the children can use Purple Mash for a wide variety of activities - their login details are in their reading diaries.

Earlier in the school year, the children were developing their coding skills and I would like them to recap this knowledge.

The coding apps can be found under 'Tools'. Scrolling down the page, the 2Code app can be found. It looks like this:  

There are three levels of coding: Chimp, Gibbon and Gorilla. 

Chimp: very basic and ideal for children to recap the basic rules of coding.

Gibbon: more advanced and a good place for more confident children to recap their knowledge.

Gorilla: advanced and the stage we had been working towards. I would suggest the children recap their knowledge using Gibbon or Chimp before moving on to this stage.   

There are also video tutorials and challenges at the top of the coding page. Just click on either of these icons:    

Once confident, the children will be able to create their own creations using the coding app. Last term, they were incredibly creative! When completed, they should be saved in the class folder, rather than their own folder, under their name which will allow me to access them. 


What have you been up to?

What a creative bunch you are! It's great to see some of the things you have been up to. Please send us pictures of the children's creations or work and we can share them with the class.

Amber has been having fun with bubbles and bath bombs in the name of science. Looks great, Amber!   

A bubble within a bubble! That's just showing off! 

Bailey is preparing his planetary report for the United Nations. His artwork of the aliens is ace!   

Taya has been on an art frenzy in the garden. Loving these creations:

I like Taya's idea of using shadows to create art. I'm going to have a go at that. 


Thursday 30th April, 2020

We have another birthday. Taya reached the big 10 on the 25th. Let's give her three cheers! Happy birthday Taya!  



I have attached some more science activities. They do require some adult supervision but they are good fun. 

 Disolving Jelly.pdfDownload
 Glitter Germs.pdfDownload
 Vinegar Balloons.pdfDownload
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Spellings and Handwriting

Here is this week's handwriting and spelling activity:

 Handwriting Practice - Continuous Cursive.pdfDownload
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Wednesday 29th April, 2020

Apologies for the lack of updates. I was affected by the internet outage yesterday which prevented me from adding tasks to the webpage.


Reading comprehension activities

I have attached some reading comprehension activities. These do not have to be printed off as the children can read the text on the screen. They can then answer the question on a piece of paper.

You will notice this activity has star ratings. Y5 chidlren should be able to complete the three star activity which happens to be the first text and question sheet.

 T2-H-5222-Survival-in-Ancient-Egypt-Differentiated-Comprehension-Activity_ver_1 (1).pdfDownload
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The following activities are '60 second reads'. They are short texts followed by a few questions that will help the children focus on their comprehension and inferencing skills. As with the other activities the answers are attached to the documents.    

 My Journey Into Space.pdfDownload
 Nine Facts about Planet Nine.pdfDownload
 The Meteor Shower.pdfDownload
 The Space Times - Solar Eclipse at Eclipseville.pdfDownload
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Reading with your child

You're probably used to me telling you that reading is the bedrock of a good education and it is important that your child reads as much as possible. Whether they are reading a magazine article or a novel, being exposed to a variety of texts will hugely benefit them. It is also important that they read to someone. With this in mind, I have attached a document with advice on the sort of question you could be asking your child when reading with them.

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Monday 27th April, 2020


Belated Happy Birthday Hubble!

On 24th April, the Hubble space telescope turned 30 (nearly as old as me). I thought I'd share one of its most famous images with you. In 2003 the telescope took repeated images of the same section of sky, just below the Orion constellation, as it orbited Earth. The result is amazing. Each and every shape in that picture is a galaxy, not a star. In fact there are 10,000 of them! The average galaxy contains 100 thousand million stars and many of those stars may have their own planetary systems. You may want to have a sit down while you take those numbers in. Even more amazing, if you hold your thumb up to the sky at arms length, that's more or less the tiny area of outer space covered by the image... that's all... wow!        


Planet Builder Project - Art and Science

As a part of their report, the children will need to create images and/or models of the planet the have discovered or any alien life-forms that live on it.  I have attached guides for an art project and science activity. The children can represent their planet or alien life-form in any way they like, from a sketch to a sculpture if you have the resources. Also, they will need to study their alien life-form and create a life cycle for it. We looked at life cycles last term and I have attached some examples with the science guide.  


 Planet Builder Guide - Art.docxDownload
 Planet Builder Guide - Science.docxDownload
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Maths Challenge!

This one looks simple but all is not as it appears! This is based on a game called Nim. It's a two-player game but your child can also play against the computer. 

The first player chooses a whole number between 1 and 4.

The second player then adds a whole number between 1 and 4.

This continues until a player is the first to reach exactly 23 and wins. The game can be quite tactical as you will not only try to reach 23 but stop your opponent from reaching it first! It will be interesting to see if the children can create a strategy - "If you choose 3, I will always choose.... "  etc. 

As an extension, you can lower the target number and the range of numbers that can be added together.  For instance the target can be 10 using only the numbers 1 and 2


Here is a link to the webpage and online version (just a heads up that the solution tab is there too):



MyMaths Tasks

I have set MyMaths tasks to cover the next three weeks. These have been individually tailored for your child and you can dip in and out to suit your routine.  Please ensure they complete the practice sessions before completing the tasks; this will allow them to refresh their knowledge. All of the subjects set have been covered since September. I am able to keep an eye on your child's progress and I'm happy to set more tasks if required. 



Wednesday 22nd April, 2020

As requested by some parents, I have attached some more arithmetic tests for you. Each test is in two parts (a and b); they can either do both tests at the same time or spread them out over a few days. I'll upload a couple of tests each week.  Don't forget the answers are on back the page. We have covered all areas of the test since September, but if your child has any problems understanding a concept, let me know.  

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I'm going to leave this file here. All I'll say is it's a game the children like to play in the classroom. If you print it off and show it to them, they'll explain how to play it. All you need are two 6 sided dice or even better, two 10 sided dice. There's also a blank game template in case the children want to make their own.  

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Tuesday 21st April, 2020

Today I have uploaded some more activities for the children to complete. This will include a maths challenge. This can be completed any time during the week and in addition to the daily White Rose maths tasks I have already set. I have also uploaded a history lesson related to Ancient Egypt and a few fun science activities - these will usually require some adult supervision. I have also uploaded some spelling activities.     


Maths Challenge!

The maths challenges I’ll be setting are from a great website called Nrich. I use resources from this site in the classroom to promote deeper thinking in the children and challenge their problem solving abilities. When you click on the link you will usually find a webpage that looks like this:

Each challenge sets out instructions and possible ways to approach the problem. In the top left hand corner you will see links to ‘solution’ and ‘teacher resources’. Sometimes the solution page can be a bit heavy, so I will create a separate document with the solution. The teacher resources give you possible ways to tackle the problem, but you are more than welcome to contact me if you require any pointers.

Number Jumbler

Ok, so here is today’s challenge. The children will need to choose a two-digit number, say 73. They then add the two digits together, so 7+3=10. They then subtract the sum of the two digits from the original number, so 73 – 10 = 63. They make a note of the symbol next to their answer on the board. This symbol will then appear from the Number Jumbler. The children’s first reaction will be, “This is sorcery!”, “Dark magic!”, “A trick!”, “Mr Betterton is up to his Jedi tricks again!” . There is actually maths going on, but can the children work out what it is?     

Link to the challenge:

And here is the solution:

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 History - Ancient Egypt

Other than Earth and Space in science, our theme over the Summer Term is Ancient Egypt. I would like the children to watch the two clips and read the text on the BBC Bitesize page below which introduces them to the Ancient Egyptians. I would then like them to complete the quiz. Let me know how they got on.


Garden Art

While the weather is good the children can try their hand with some garden art. Encourage them to collect items from around the garden and create a piece of art. Perhaps they can collect items wile out for a walk too. I’d love to see their creations. Here’s some examples:                



These science tasks are aimed to engage the children in fun science activities. The instruction sheets are easy to follow and explain why the activity is relevant to your child’s education. They do require some adult supervision but you can have fun too. 

 P066-Making-bath-bombs 2.pdfDownload
 P077-Double-bubble 2.pdfDownload
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Spellings and Handwriting

Here are some sheets the children use regularly in the classroom. They help the children practise their handwriting and learn the Y5/6 spellings. Once the children have completed each sheet, test them on the spelling. Also, ask them to find the meaning of each word and use it in their own sentence. This is a good way to build up their vocabulary.     

 Continuous Cursive.pdfDownload
 Handwriting Practice - Continuous Cursive.pdfDownload
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Monday 20th April 

Want to see some cool satellites?

The Starlink 5,6 satellite constellation will be sweeping across our skies over the next week. They are a batch of 60 satellites travelling in a stream, and they are cool to watch as they travel across the sky. They travel from west to east and as long as the sky is clear you can't miss them. Sometimes they are low down on the horizon but are still visible. Looking at the tracker page they should be fairly high in the sky tonight.  Here is a list of the times they will be passing overhead this week (they can be up to 10 mins late sometimes):

Monday 9.58pm

Tuesday 10.34pm

Wednesday 9.34pm and 11.10pm

Thursday 10.09pm

Here is a link to the website if you would like to look for future viewings :

If your device does not automatically enter your location, here they are: 

Latitude: 52.678417 North

Longitude: 2.445258 West




                            Planet Builder Project                                    

The year is 2035 and we have developed the ability to rapidly travel vast distances across the galaxy. At last, this means we can visit planets in other solar systems. You have a fantastic job and are employed by the International Space Agency (ISA) to explore new planets. Your next assignment is to travel to the Alpha Centauri system and compile a report on planet that has just been identified. As your report will be presented to the United Nations on your return to Earth, it must be highly detailed.  Good luck with your mission.

Over the next two weeks I would like the children to create a fictional planet and write a detailed report about it. This will utilise many of the writing skills they have been learning since September along with their art, science, comprehension, and design and technology skills.

I have attached a guide for them below which will help them plan and structure their report. It is important that they focus on their writing skills when describing the features of the planet. Before the school closed, the children were increasingly confident using subordinate clauses in their writing and this is where I would like them to focus.  In particular, I would like them to begin sentences with subordinating conjunctions. I have attached a link and resources below to help you and them. 

The children in Hawthorn have amazing imaginations and have written brilliant reports in the past; most recently on fictional Antarctic animals. I'm really looking forward to reading these reports.        

 Planet Builder Guide.docxDownload
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Here is a link which will help you understand how subordinate clauses work:

Link to -  What is a subordinate clause?

When beginning a sentence with a subordinating conjunction, the children use an acronym to help them remember the ten most important subordinating conjunctions: ISAWAWABUB (I Saw A Wabub). They will recognise this word mat: 


Maths Activities 

As explained previously, the idea of the maths activities will be to keep your child's knowledge topped up rather than teaching them new concepts. In addition to daily activities, I will also download some challenges that can be carried out during the week.

For the next few weeks I would like the children to revisit decimals, fractions and percentages. We follow the White Rose scheme of learning for maths which has provided a great resource I would like the children to use.  There is an activity to complete each day and I have attached screen shots below to help you navigate the pages.          

First of all, here is the link to the White Rose web page:

Link to -  White Rose Year 5

The link will take you to this page: 

Click on Week 1 as indicated (rather than Summer Term Week 1) and this will take you to five lessons: Decimals up to 2 decimal places; Decimals as fractions (1); Decimals as fractions (2); Understanding thousandths; Thousands as decimals. These are all subjects the children have covered but need to go over again.  When you click  on Week 1, the webpage will look like this:  

One lesson a day will be adequate. Before starting the lesson the children will need a copy of the activity. Click on 'Get the Activity' and print off. As you can see, there is a link to the answers below. That bit is for you ;-) 

To the left of the screen is a short lesson for the children to watch. It will need to be paused when instructed for each part of the activity to be completed. Some presentations will begin with a short test which recaps previous learning. This needs to be paused straight away as the answers appear after only a few seconds! If you can,  please sit with your child for at least  this part of the presentation to 'help' them pause before the answers to the test appear. It will also give you an idea if they have grasped the previous lessons.

As always, if your child is struggling with a certain concept please let me know.


14th April, 2020

Happy Birthday!

We have another birthday. Happy birthday Miles! We hope you have a fab day. Three cheers for the birthday boy!


3rd April, 2020

Happy Birthday!

We have  birthday today. Harry has reached the big 10. Wow! Happy Birthday Harry! Let's give him three cheers! We hope you have a fab day.